nissan maxima fully loaded 2021

Biggest Giveaway yet worth $90000 in total

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This is the biggest Giveaway yet in which you can take part in. In this Giveaway, 52 lucky winners will get either a brand new ps5, a brand new iPhone pro, a year supply of chug rug can drink. But 1 of the lucky winner is going to get a brand new fully Loaded 2021 Nissan Maxima Car which is worth around 50 Grands alone. Please scroll to the bottom of this page/post and tap or click the Enter this Giveaway Here Button.

How This Humongous Giveaway is Even Possible

Popular YouTubers online make millions upon millions each year through different endorsements and affiliations. Some of the YouTubers often held big Giveaways from time to time as a small gesture of giving back. The most common name in the YouTubers world for giving away loads of money is MrBeast. ( MrBeast 6000 wo o o also known as Jimmy Donaldson from the MrBeast Burger Franchise ). He has given away millions upon millions by now but his biggest giveaway was a whole freakin island! sorry, it has to be said.

Who is Holding this Giveaway

This Giveaway is held by Faze Rug ( Brian Awadis ), known as FaZe Rug and is a member and part-owner of FaZe Clan which is a professional esports and entertainment company founded in 2010. The Team has players from around the world, across multiple games.

The main reason behind his success is that he used gaming to showcase his personality which is very popular in the younger generation and then endeavors/ventures out. He is now less into filming gaming videos and instead focused on vlogs, pranks, challenges and comedy.

Faze Clans have investors like Music mogul Jimmy Iovine, rapper Offset, basketball player Ben Simmons and more. They believe in the FaZe Clan’s to attract a hard-core esports following and generate revenue from it.