Dell Precision 5750 Workstation and Gaming Laptop

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According to dell, Precision 5750 is “the world’s smallest and thinnest 17-inch workstation”. it’s not far from the truth either. The laptop weight is advertised as 2.17kg. That’s a good weight for a Powerhouse of a laptop with a 17-inch display. The thin glass panel keeps the dimensions to 375mm wide and 248mm in depth. It did not just look thin it’s without a doubt remarkably slim for such a powerful beast of a machine. Along the rear edge, It measures 13.15mm which is really good, and at the front end it’s just 8.7mm. 

There are exactly two options available for this 17-inch display, FHD+ resolution (1920×1200 pixels) is the least expensive. While Most users will prefer to opt for the touch-sensitive Ultra High Definition display which is 3840 x 2400 resolution with the ppi of 226 and a 16:10 aspect ratio.  

The Ultra High Definition+ display is impressively vivid and sharp. However, and according to dell this display supports HDR 400 and 100% of Adobe RGB, so it should be good for graphic design work as well as photo-editing work. According to Dell, this is built for ‘media and entertainment and it captures it as a key target audience.  

The battery life isn’t that bad considering what kinda beast of a machine it is, comparing the previous Precision 7740 model which provided workstation performance at a lower price so the price for this new device is slightly higher which is understandable. Nonetheless, the Precision 5750 is lighter comes with better battery life, and also offers a slight edge on performance. It’s not super thin or ultra-portable, but if you need a laptop that can deliver genuine horsepower balls to the wall, this workstation-class graphics performance both on the desktop and on the road is immaculate.

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