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Win a Marvel’s Avengers Legion 7i laptops total 7 laptops

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This Giveaway is related to Marvel’s Avengers branded Legion 7i laptops. It comes with with intel core i7 processor + RTX 2080 Super. Total 7 Laptops going to be given away to 7 individuals. Each laptop ll be engraved with one of many Marvel’s Avengers logos. ( Some of the logos are Avengers, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow and Ms. Marvel). Each individual / person will also receive a copy of an art made by Tristan Eaton and also a copy of the Marvel’s Avengers game.

The Legion 7i comes with Full HD IPS displays with staggering refresh rate of 240Hz, with 500nits of brightness and Dolby Vision enabled. Also a 144Hz 100% AdobeRGB display option is also available with Gysnc support. This laptop is perfect for games, art and movies. The laptop cooling system is top of the line which is called the ColdFront 2.0, it is an improved version of pervious hardware and software. It make sure theirs a better airflow and lower system temperatures, so that the hardware can achieve high gaming performance. There are several thermal sensors which constantly monitor the system temperature.

Overall, the Legion 7i is a blazing fast efficient and power hungry. It is dashing, compact and a powerful machine and when its time for a serious gaming it always ready to perform and cut through any heavy-duty tasks with a breeze.

The build is perfectly executed. The keyboard is same as “True Strike” keyboard found on the previous models. It uses the company’s own switches to, which make your keystrokes land more softly. Its responsive with good tactile feedback. Keyboard also includes a full-size number pad on the right, also You can alter the lighting of both the keyboard and the chassis with the included software.

Lenovo Legion 7i is For Gamers

Lenovo is marketing the Legion 7i as a gaming laptop, Lenovo Legion 7i costs around $1500, which is a premium price, but gamers know this kind of pricing is normal when they are expecting some high-grade hardware.

Right off the bat, the Lenovo Legion 7i comes across as a laptop meant for gamers. It has RGB lights, which can be controlled from an app provided by Lenovo. This lighting is cool to look at. This laptop is really good as a workstation for creators as well.

As a Gamer you will be more than impressed to own this laptop considering the design and looks. It screams I am a high end gamer.

Finely calibrated to deliver devastation

  • Up to 10th Gen Intel Core i9 processor with HK-Series
  • Up to NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ Graphics.
  • Lightning-fast high-refresh panels
  • Lenovo’s revolutionary TrueStrike keyboard
  • A perfect chassis jacketed in high end aluminum

This Giveaway is held by Freaks 4U Gaming GmbH.

The giveaway will open On June 21, 2021 only in North America and in Europe.