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Before Getting Rid of your Pet Try to Find a New Home for The Pet

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For some dire situation if you are thinking of putting down your pet for no medical reason then you can consider the following:

Leaving your pet or animal to any of the local shelter, a quick google search will give you the directions.

Contact your local shelters and rescue groups, contact as many as possible.

Post your pet on adoption websites or fb groups.

Another option to consider is “Rehome”, a platform launched by The site help pet owners who cannot keep their pets to find new loving home near their own community. Rehome is a known free service. Each adopter pays a very small adoption fee that is then donated, in full, to an animal shelter or rescue group of the original owner’s choosing.

If Your Dog is Old or Sick then Do the Quality of Life Check-List

The process of grief begins as soon as you start considering the Euthanasia, not just after your dog dies. It might not even seem real. Guilt, anger and bargaining and looking for ways to control what’s going on. This is to be expected. Here’s Sarah Vallieres grieving story.