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Specifications and features of RTX 2080

RTX 2080 is in no doubt superior from its previous gen model. it have greater number of CUDA cores and it comes with Faster GDDR6 video memory and is factory overclock on Nvidia’s Founders Edition cards.

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Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 accompany a replacement set of 46 RT Cores and 468 Tensor Cores. These cores are really important for rendering real-time ray tracing and offers faster AI computations.
These features are unique to Nvidia’s latest tech graphics cards. The RT Cores and Nvidia RTX are responsible for depicting accurate reflections from glasses and other reflective surfaces.

Role of Artificial Intelligence

Tensor Cores are really impressive. With the Introduction of AI , Nvidia claims all Turing-based GPUs are going to be ready to process anti-aliasing eight times faster. The RTX 2080 also can tap into a replacement Deep Learning Super Sampling feature that’s far more efficient at applying super sampling and anti-aliasing at an equivalent time.

Those AI Tensor Cores are also are the main reason for Nvidia’s new simple overclocking features.

Now Popular overclocking apps tweaks your GPU up a particular micro-voltage curve and tests for stable overclock speeds and voltages.

Features of RTX 3080

RTX 3080 is based on the new high end superior Nvidia Ampere graphics architecture. RTX 3080 brings huge improvements to both raw performance and power efficiency. It is almost ~2x the performance of RTX 2080 in certain scenarios. 

The noticeable improvements in RT and Tensor cores helps a lot in the 3D workflow as well as in games as we are in the third generation already but the biggest improvement has happened to the rasterization engine. 

Nvidia has double the amount of CUDA cores on each Streaming Multiprocessor which is able to handle Floating Point 32 workloads which is major improvement over Turing, where one data path was dedicated entirely to integer workloads. This has clearly doubles the raw FP32 throughput core for core, even though this won’t magically make double the frame rate in your favorite PC games but its still a good performance boost.

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