Ingenuity Mars first drone flight

Mars first drone flight named Ingenuity

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Ingenuity features four specially made carbon-fiber blades. The arrangement of blades is as two rotors that spin in opposite directions at around 2,400 rpm – which is many times faster than a common passenger helicopter on Earth. It is also fully solar powered with, batteries, and other components.

NASA is has set April 8, 2021 Date for the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter to make the first flight. It is considered being the first controlled flight from another planet’s ground. The 1.8-kilogram rotorcraft must meet a series of daunting milestones before it can become the first.

That rotorcraft is attached to the belly of NASA’s Perseverance rover, which landed on Mars on Feb. 18 and On March 21, the rover deployed the guitar case-shaped graphite composite debris shield that protected Ingenuity during landing. The rover currently moving towards the “airfield” where rotorcraft will attempt to fly. Once deployed, Ingenuity will live 30 Martian days, ( which count as 31 Earth days) to conduct its test flight maneuvers.